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A Note From Our Founder, Jennifer Finkelstein

Like many nonprofits, 2020 has been our most challenging year to date but we rose to the occasion. By design, our organization’s model of serving one woman at a time fostering bonding fortunately served us well as we run our business “together apart.” Fortunately, we never held group therapy sessions with exception to our wildly popular meetups and metastatic meetups. 2020’s funded services have gone virtual. Our Weill Cornell Symposium was held via HIPPA compliant zoom. The effect of coronavirus…

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What Cancer Taught Me About Valentine’s Day

Written by Maryline Dossou   On February 13th, 2019, I got a phone call. I recognized the Pakistani accent on the other end of the phone but her cadence was different. Her voice had lost much of its firmness. It wasn’t the usual assured, almost bored tone I was used to hearing while she was two fingers deep inside my vag, but it was indeed my gynecologist. The results were back from my recent biopsy and she wanted to discuss…

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Finding Strength, Embracing Weakness, and Feeling All the Feels

  Written by Erin Plum   The phone finally rang while my husband and I sat in our car in a Jiffy Lube parking lot in a seedy part of town. We had been waiting for this call all day and had been doing our best to keep busy—thus the oil change on a Wednesday afternoon with our two young kids buckled into their car seats behind us. We had been prepared for the worst—the ultrasound had never looked good….

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Thriving With Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer

I’m Stephanie Seban.  I am a blogger, wellness advocate and cancer thriver who has been thriving with stage IV metastatic breast cancer for over 5 years.  Given a grim prognosis at such a young age, I have managed to defy all odds by being my own health advocate and now use my story as a catalyst to spread the message, when one truly believes, ALL things are possible. I was diagnosed with “incurable” stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in June…

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How Breast Cancer Changed Me and My Life For the Better

By Danielle Sass  The first time I felt a lump in my breast I didn’t know what to expect. Once I was told I had breast cancer, I went straight to the internet to research it. This had brought out a nasty side of me. Going to that 14th floor would just give me the chills and an attitude so depressing. One day I was so upset, I locked myself in my room and starting kneeling on the ground. I heard…

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