A Day In The Life

Exercise: My #1 Tip to Feeling Good During Treatment

Prior to cancer, I exercised only sporadically. I played field hockey and softball in high school, but post-high school I found it hard to find the motivation to exercise without the competitive nature I was used to. Upon learning my diagnosis, one of my incredibly fit colleagues recommended constant exercise during treatment — advice she was given by other cancer fighters at her gym. As someone who was already lazy about exercising, I listened to the information and thought to…

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Growing your hair back

After I lost my hair, my number one internet search, pretty much daily, was How long does it take hair to grow back after chemo? or Tips to make your hair grow fast. Losing your hair sucks. And yes, just as everyone tells you, it will grow back. But it can be frustrating. In December of 2014 the hair (or more accurately, peach fuzz) on the top of my head started growing back while I was on Taxol (even though…

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Meet Kate

Cancer is hard — it’s really hard — but it’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has allowed me to arrive as a person. You don’t really know who you are and what is important until life is threatened to be taken away from you. So, who am I? I am a 27-year-old breast cancer survivor. I am a loving wife and a compassionate, professional woman. I love to travel, cook, read, dance and spend time with loved…

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