Beauty Tool Kit

Boscia Blotting Papers

These fine and delicate papers instantly blot out excess oil! Whether your hot-flash is burning or your heart’s ticker is turning! They are made of finely-woven leaf fibers of the natural Abaca Tree Plant. No one is going to be able to see you sweat, flash or appear abashed! Boscia blotting linens have you covered on the go – slim, light package fits right into your handbag or even jeans pocket!

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Ouch! Big Girls Don’t Cry Band-aids

These band-aids are so fun, fearless and just applying them, makes you feel better! They are colorful and how could all women not love them! They all have shoes on them. Whether you’re bringing them with you to empower you as you face a days worth of screening,  placing one on after a shot of chemotherapy or just need a huge smile, this girls are a must have for the beauty tool kit!

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Fashion Scarves

Beauty’s Magic Carpet! Ever felt like you wanted to disappear after your cancer diagnosis? You’ll want to look really “Fly?”  To the female cancer patient, they fix any Fashion Emergency. They hold your wig in place, highlight features in the face, and can cover your ears to make that lack of hairline totally erase! They are not a trend. They are classic. Carry them with you everywhere.

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Eugenia Kim Hats

Not only the best accessory of choice to female attendees of the Royal Wedding and Kentucky Derby, hats are the “Greatest accessory ever for cancer patients!” Female and Male alike. At Social Events only attended by the Rich & Famous, hats are the must-have accessory to those who want to fit in and even stand out! On the contrary, if you don’t want anyone to know you have cancer, rock them at work or at play! There is only one…

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BB Cream SPF 35

Back in 1979, Sting sent us “Message In A Bottle.” In August 2012, Bobbi Brown announced the birth of her “Magic In A Bottle.” BB Cream was inspired from an Asian hybrid of ingredients and conceived just 9 months earlier during one cosmic night. The stars were definitely aligned when an ultra-light make-up fantastically linked up with a skin-care treatment that will forever be inscribed in the books of beauty school history. Did I mention she had quintuplets? Yes, 5…

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