The Wall Street Journal – July 2015

The Double Mastectomy Rebellion. After she was diagnosed with cancer in her left breast last fall, Chiara D’Agostino turned to two holistic healers, a psychotherapist, a massage therapist, a hospital social worker, a meditation class and two support groups to help her navigate a frightening new world. One piece of advice she doesn’t plan to follow: her doctor’s. The surgeon recommended a single mastectomy along with chemotherapy and radiation. But many women in the support groups argued that she should…

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Cosmopolitan – October 2013

Featured in Cosmo magazine, October 2013

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The Montclair Times – November 2013

Montclair natives share marathon tale of friendship, courage, and breast cancer care November 24, 2013 By Kelly Ebbels Staff Writer The Montclair Times Tracy Frazzano happened to go on Facebook one afternoon, where she found a friend reposting another friend’s status. It was an offer to pay the entrance fee for runners in the New York City Marathon, if the runner would raise money for a new breast cancer foundation. It was Jennifer Finkelstein, an old friend, making the request….

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