Professional Advisory Panel

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography

Sarah Merians is the CEO and founder of Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, a New York based company, founded in 1986. Known for
being the premier boutique photographer in NYC, capturing rare and special occasions, it has been said that “Sarah makes celebrities feel like
everyday people and everyday people feel like celebrities.”

Sarah’s work has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Town & Country, Martha Stewart Living and New York Magazine, to
name just a few. Sarah personally photographed Bruce Springsteen, Martha Stewart, Bill Clinton, Rod Stewart, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Philip,
Rod Stewart and many others. Her photos were chosen to be in the permanent collection of the National September 11 Memorial Museum. She
is also a frequent speaker on the topic of photography as art and has been a guest lecturer at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan.

Sarah is an active member of the Women’s Leadership Exchange LEXCI, an organization focused on the growth of women business owners. She is also a member of the Women’s Executive Circle, UJA Federation of New York, the Women’s President Organization and the 5 Under 40 Foundation. Sarah also gives her time to charities such as the Diabetes Research Institute, Pediatric Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, WIZO New York, Pratham USA, and Albert Einstein Medical Center. She is passionate about her philanthropic ventures and strives to “give back” in
any way she can. Sarah holds degrees from Syracuse University in Fine Arts and Education, with a focus on teaching children through the Arts. She lives in New York City with her husband, Marc and two children, Max and Emily.

Lori Klein

As a former model with a degree in art education, Lori is considered an expert in her field, applying makeup for photography, film, television, special events, brides and for all women who want to look their best. A seven-time Emmy winner, Lori has been a makeup artist to Barbara Walters for 25 years

Lori is extremely successful in conducting private makeup sessions, teaching women the skills necessary to achieve their highest beauty potential. She derives great satisfaction from helping a woman become more confident and secure in her appearance.

Combining her past years as an on-camera professional and now as a professional makeup artist, Lori seized the opportunity to provide information and guidance to an even larger audience through on-camera/on-air segments of “The View.” Each of her appearances has generated hundreds of emails reflecting the interest in and appreciation of what she has to offer.

Lori has been a spokesperson for various cosmetics companies.  Representing products on QVC, hosting television infomercials, and appearing on television shows educating women about beauty products, application processes and teaching how to achieve results.

Lori provides beauty and educational services to “The 5 Under 40Foundation” which provides medical, wellness and beauty services to women under the age of 40 years who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a BRCA gene.

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